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November 28 2012, 9:17 AM

As a former high school arithmetic teacher, I enjoy to educate. however the occupation market is such that on Long Island it is difficult to discover a work. So I've resolved to just take after hours trading my skills to the website in my spare time. I taught myself how to trade in the stock market at an early age and over the earlier 8 a long time have taught myself options trading exchange and have great tuned quite a few methods for my personal investing purpose. I will not contemplate myself a guru or an investment oracle, nor do I declare to have a tactic that will make you etfs rich in 4.fifty three days. All I have is a very little perception on how trading operates and a want to reveal it. If you are just starting out as a stock or selections trader, online currency forex or even if you are brand new and just want to discover additional before placing income at danger, really feel free to ask me issues and reveal strategies. I will not claim to be a trade rush writer or journalist so forgive me if I have misspellings, weak grammar and do not know how to use a semicolon...or even remember which one is the semicolon. I'm a math guy, I do numbers! )


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